An old brass vase was recently found at the back of a cupboard.

'In memory of Erick Harrow 1941'

After a good polish, its golden gleam was restored and consequently an inscription was revealed on the front. We decided to try to find out who it commemorated and after delving through old Midmar Church Minute books the following sad explanation was found:

Extract taken from Midmar Church Session minutes 16th August 1942:

“The Session received a gift of a vase from Mr. and Mrs. Harrow of Aberdeen, in memory of their son Erick who was accidentally killed last year. The Moderator, Rev Buchanan, dedicated the vase during divine service and thanked Mr. and Mrs. Harrow for their beautiful gift.”

We've been told that Mr. & Mrs. Harrow had a flower shop in Aberdeen and that their young son tragically died as the result of falling out of a tractor bogie in Midmar.

How very sad, but the vase is used once more to display flowers and it's pleasing to think that the memory of Erick Harrow lives on in Midmar Church.