A New Church in Echt

In 1804, Echt parish built a new church, to replace the original one that was ruinous beyond repair. How do we know it opened in 1804? You can see the date written under the clock face. The first Church in Echt was reportedly in the old Kirkyard but there is no trace of it now.

The Church Building

The church building was designed by William and Andrew Clerk. It is remarkably similar in shape and size to Skene church - this is because they share the same architect. High above the roof you can see the bell tower and the bell that still rings out to call people to worship each Sunday. Then notice the elegant Gothic windows that add beauty to the church. The original gallery is held up with Doric columns, and displays the coats of arms of the heritors of Echt church

Memorial Stained Glass Window

The beautiful stained glass window in Echt church is a memorial to the minister, Mr Tommy Munro, who served Echt through two world wars. The window is aptly entitled 'Christ the light in the world', given the way the light streams through the window filling the church with light and colour.   

Ministers of Echt church

Inside there are memorial plaques to three of the earliest ministers of the new building, that can be seen on the wall of the church.

1930 Echt Church Remodelling

In 1930 Echt church underwent some major remodelling at a total cost of £3,000. This work was carried out by Dunecht Estate tradesmen. They installed the marvellous wooden ceiling modelled on the one in St Machar's Cathedral, Aberdeen. The names of the craftsmen are preserved on the back of the lectern that we use each Sunday.

The pipe organ in the gallery

The pipe organ was donated by Lord Cowdray and came from Dunecht House chapel and after some alterations was placed in the gallery of the church.

Broadening the use of Echt church

Spiritual health & physical health: two sides of the same building in the 1990s

During the 1990s the use of Echt Church was broadening. The vestry was used as a consulting room for the local doctor's surgery and the old laird's pew was converted into a quiet area where parents could play with their children during the service. In 2010 the vestry area was enlarged into a small meeting hall that allowed church groups and meetings to be held in the church.