All the historical Kirk Session and Congregational Board records are now kept centrally in the National Archives in Edinburgh. Please contact the National Archives if you wish to search the Session and Board Minutes.

Here is an extract from the

Kirk Session’s Yearly Accounts 1912

From Kirk Session's Yearly Accounts

1912 organ blower's salary for the year was = £1.00d

1912 10 gallons of paraffin for church = 5 shillings

Music for the choir = 8s 10d

For this amount of money to be spent on music suggests it was an important feature in the church at this time. 

Valuable Postage Stamps

Whilst looking through old church documents we came upon an old letter with 2 stamps on it with what looks Edward Windsor’s head on it. We wondered, considering his abdication, whether these stamps would have any value?

Do you know?