Midmar Passion Play 2000

A passion play is a traditional form of religious drama, frequently taking place in and around a church. Undoubtedly, the best known example is the Oberammergau Passion Play in Bavaria, Germany, which details the story of Christ's life and death.

Our local drama group – ‘The Midmar Players’ decided to celebrate the millennium by producing a Midmar Passion Play 2000.

This project brought together the whole community, with locals taking on everything from scriptwriting to set and costume design. The cast consisted of 40 people, but around 80 local folks were involved in the performances in one way or another. The play was presented in promenade fashion with members of the audience moving from scene to scene.

It began with The Last Supper Scene set inside Midmar Church, before the audience was led outside, around various parts of the church grounds for a further 12 scenes. The production ended in the twilight setting of the stone circle in the church yard. The play ran for a week attracting an audience from throughout Scotland and proved to be a great success. The wooden cross at the entrance to the church was made by craftsman Stephen Andrew to commemorate the millennium project and symbolising the continuing spirituality to be found in and around Midmar.