If you would like to receive a monthly Bulletin by email or post in order to have more regular updates of what's going on in Echt and Midmar Church, please contact Rev Sheila M Mitchell by telephone 01330 860 004 or by email [email protected] and ask to be added to our mailing list. Copies of the Bulletin will also be available in the Church. Newsletters will continue to be distributed.


A collection box for donations is in the church each week. Any donations at all on a regular or occasional basis will be very welcome.

Aberdeen Cyrenians' Street Alternatives Project

The church is working with students of Alford Academy to help support the work of this charity which supports those affected by homelessness. The service has been running since 2006 and was developed after Aberdeen Cyrenians lost the funding from Shelter for the winter crisis project. Some of the then volunteers wanted to carry on providing a much needed service for homeless people in the city of Aberdeen. The project runs on a Tuesday and Thursday Evening and on Saturday and Sunday lunchtime. This service allows rough sleepers and clients staying in temporary accommodation to have access to shelter, food, showers as well as a laundry service. The service survived when other services diminished thanks to the volunteers who were aware that there was nothing else available in the city for the homeless population. More information can be found at 

Kirk Session Meeting

The next meeting of the Kirk Session takes place on Tuesday 17 March at 7.00 pm in Echt Church

Children and Young People

We are looking at different 'models' of church aimed at children and young people. If you would like to be part of the discussion of what our church may be able to provide - or would like to explore the possibility of offering your help - please let us know.


If you might be interested in joining the rota of people who read the lessons during Sunday services, please contact Rev. Sheila Mitchell.

We are also looking to expand the group of volunteers who serve tea and coffee after Sunday services. If you are willing to help, please speak to Jenny Abel or contact the minister for more information.

Stated Annual Meeting

The Church's annual meeting will be held after morning service on Sunday 22 March.