Our lives are touched by many and varied things -

things that inspire us;

things that encourage us to look at life through a different lens;

things that make us appreciate what we have and who we are.

Our lives are touched by so many different opportunities -

opportunities that help us grow as people;

opportunities that expand our faith;

opportunities that speak to us of a hand greater than ours.

Our living is shaped by many different people –

people whom we’re destined never to meet but who influence our lives nonetheless;

people from whom we accept help;

people who rub along beside us,

and the people who are no longer here but whose legacy lives on in our hearts and in our minds.

The world God has given us is rich in giftedness and beauty and possibility.

And for that we give thanks.

We pray for God’s people everywhere and for the world in which we live –

for the men, women and children living against a daily backdrop of poverty, corruption or political uncertainty;

for the places where lack of aspiration, lack of education or lack of healthcare are the norm;

and for the different situations which bring despair, demean or rob people of their dignity.

We pray for a more hopeful future –

for a future that is founded on God, rooted in faith,

shaped by the gospel values of love and justice,

and built upon the certainty of a brighter future.


Sheila Mitchell