Rev Edward Lumsden

Edward Lumsden was ordained in Midmar Church in 1859 and remained minister for 45 years, then retired to live in Aberdeen. 

In May 1885 he was presented with a leather- bound Family Bible by the members of Midmar Parish Church Congregation in token of their respect and esteem for him as their Minister. He died in 1914 in his 85th year and his family erected a plaque in his memory that can be seen to the left of the pulpit.

It is recorded in his Bible, that on Sept 4th 1950, the Bible was passed on to the then Minister, Rev W. Douglas Chishom and future successors of Midmar Church by E.R. Lumsden (son of Rev Lumsden).

In July 1951 the Rev Chishom received a letter from Helen Lumsden (daughter of Rev Lumsden), requesting that her father’s death (Oct 1950) be recorded in her grandfather’s Bible and this was duly done.

This Bible is still in use for every service and the letters are held by Midmar Church.